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  "Comic Caryn Bark's bit about middle-aged Jewish ladies floundering through the byzantine rules of mahjong—"It's like Alzheimer's daycare"—had me laughing hard enough to compromise my bladder's integrity. It's the sort of unforced, well-observed domestic comedy she's been polishing for decades. But the harrowing, hilarious stories of her husband's open-heart surgery show how deep her comedy has grown since her breakout one-woman show Diary of a Skokie Girl in 1995. Bark hosts this 90-minute showcase of non-young Jewish funny ladies… costars Robin Riebman, Pam Peterson, and Jan Slavin... they're likeable, inventive, and occasionally ingenious comediennes. Bark's sharp, fearless 20-minute set focusing on the perils of aging makes me hope Diary of Skokie Decrepitude is in the works."

—Justin Hayford, Chicago Reader

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  "It’s a guffaw producing two hours of fast paced humor with musical comedy mixed in… Bark and musical director Beckie Menzie are consummate performers who can destroy an audience with laughter with just a look, a raised eybrow or a well placed pause. "

—Angela Allyn, Chicago Stage Standard

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  "For all of you Baby Boomers out there, you can have a delightful evening of songs, laughter and wonderful comedy in Skokie attending “Funny Old Broads”. The show is “just what the doctor ordered”!. The songs ( many are paraphrased words to familiar melodies) as sung by Jan Slavin and Pam Peterson hit all the topics that a “baby Boomer” deals with- memory loss, shrinking size,arthritis, memory loss( did I say that already?), menopause and all the parts of aging that are experienced. The comic “shtick” handled with great skill by Caryn Bark and Robin Riebman are as funny as one could hope for- fast paced humor that they shoot out, one-two-three with split second timing and yet, we never miss a word ( even those of us who are a bit hard of hearing).. "

—Jane Bresloff, Around The Town Chicago

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